internet entrepreneur, data artist, windsurfing, yoga

I’m Matthew Swart, i’m an internet entrepreneur experienced in eCommerce, I co-founded in 1999 aged 26 and was CEO for 18 years.

SafariNow peaked at an annual transaction volume of R320m (EUR 20m) in 2015, and was sold to TravelStart in 2018.

I learned a lot through the journey, which reflects in my entrepreneurial approach in 2022.

My focus now is building Plek, a new travel website for South Africa, featuring every plek under the sun.

I am also looking to partner to create new internet ventures in niches which feature large product catalogs, with significant SEO target-traffic volume.

recent projects 2022

water world

wind, surf, kite, hobie, foil, wing, its all the same stoke, a natural immersion.

i’ve been at it since childhood, and i have friends and Mom who take cool photos!